Trail Length

234 kilometres (145.5 miles)

Trail Start and End Details

The longest linear park in Canada, P’tit Train du Nord (The Little Train from the North) stretches from St-Jérôme, Québec, to Mont Laurier, Québec. The trail is accessible via highway 15, and by following the directions towards various entry points between Bois-des-Filion and Mont-Laurier.

Description and Tips

Starting in St-Jérôme, the trail follows the Rivière du Nord along an old rail line, ending in Mont Laurier, where a shuttle can bring you back to your vehicle. The trail passes through very scenic villages in the Laurentians. Enjoy a peaceful getaway from motorized vehicles for hours along a trail that is a mix of hard-earth and paved surface.

Submitted By

Jean-Francois Trépanier, John Johnston