This sleepy little town accommodates thousands of winter travelers who come for various shows, sports, vacations, RV shows, and the annual Rock and Mineral expo. Campers are dispersed throughout the desert, often with annual meet-ups with groups by brand of RV or snowbirds with similar interests, such as Ham Radio enthusiasts.

Best Sites or Attractions Here

Inside this town, you’ll find a golf course as well as the Arizona Peace Trail.

Campground Amenities

There is service in town that includes a drive-through area for dumping and replenishing water and propane. Camping is free for up to 14 days on BLM land, or one may stay longer with the purchase of a BLM permit.

Nearby Attractions

Dome Rock is located just outside Quartzsite and provides a beautiful hiking trail as well as another beautiful location to boondock under the stars.


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