This drive loops up between national forests and parks for a slightly different view from some other nearby drives in Utah listed here already. As you head east on Highway 14, the terrain will begin to rise greatly around you even as your elevation increases only slightly, and at a certain point, you will start to feel like the canyon walls are enclosing around you. Just as you begin to question the wisdom of such a trip, the road starts to rise in front of you. At about this time you will arrive at the intersection of US Route 89, where you’ll turn north. The road continues to rise and weave until you are surrounded by nothing but open space and the road beneath you. You’ll find yourself on a ridgeline with an unobstructed view of the surrounding mountains and valleys, just enjoying the views as you continue north before eventually dropping back down off of the ridgeline. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be hoping for another chance to do this drive again.

Scenic Drive Tips

The roads along this route are winding and narrow at times, so caution is recommended, as well as your own research on road conditions and your vehicle.

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William Goswick

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US Route 89, Bryce Canyon Country

Important Note:

As indicated above, this scenic drive was submitted by an independent third party and has not been verified by Triple E Recreational Vehicles. Please do your own research on suitability, road conditions and road safety before attempting to drive this route.