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“San Martiño Winery provides some of the best red and white wines I have ever experienced. If you like Spanish-style wines, you will fall in love with what Emilo and Maria have to offer. The winery has cozy indoor seating, but best of all, it has an amazing outdoor area where you can relax and enjoy music, wine, and food. We have been long-time members of the winery, but anyone is welcome. Once in a while, Emilio will cook something special on the main deck and share with those around. They typically have special events that occur with live music and wined paired to delicious food. Since moving to Colorado, this is the one place I miss the most! Recommendation the Tempranillo and Sangiovese red wines – rich aroma and full flavors with a tiny bit of oak – and the Charcuterie – nice mix of cheese, meats, and veggies that blend well with the wine.”

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“San Martiño Winery is a Harvest Hosts… you can stay right on their property. Zanata – Italian food right there in old Rockwall. Luxury Coach Service – Storage and repair, they have a very good service department.”

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Kurt Pennington