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“The atmosphere is warm and friendly with lots of exposed brick and wood. The waitstaff are wonderful and helpful. And, finally, the food is very good. Their menu changes with the season, but on our last visit in late summer they had a Fennel Pollen Dusted Salmon Filet which was topped with a salsa and served on a bed of seasonal vegetables including zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, and onions. The flavors were light, which was perfect for a warm day. Dessert was the most unusual Strawberry Shortcake I’ve had.”

Nearby Attractions

“For a more casual experience, Steamworks Brewing is a short distance away and offers excellent food along with their selection of beers. The standout was the Big Surf Tuna Bowl with ahi tuna, grains, edamame, and a citrus dressing. It wasn’t a heavy dish, but it paired very well with the beer. After all the eating, the Animas Trail is not far away. It’s a paved path that runs alongside the Animas River through Durango. It’s used by locals as a commuting route, so there is lots of traffic on foot and on bikes but the scenery is beautiful.”

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Lee Rowe

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Lee Rowe