The trip to Prince George the following day a group stopped at Barkerville, where the rush for gold brought prospectors in 1860 to establish this historical gold mining town.

Other groups spent time at 108 Mile Post Ranch, another historical village with a huge Clydesdale barn. Then there was the adventurous group of LTVs that went on the “3 Hour Tour” — think Gilligan’s Island.

They were in search of Hixon Falls and traversed a gravel, dusty road for 3 hours and never did find the falls? Needless to say, there were a lot of laughs and even a thought that they would have to dry camp as they were having trouble finding their way out to Hwy 97. They finally did make it to Sintich RV Park in Prince George with many a story to tell and their sturdy capable LTVs dusty but all intact (mostly)!

In Prince George lively morning walks were enjoyed and a potluck where stories of the trip were shared.