The site is located at the base of the Twillingate Lighthouse. It was a managed campsite at one point, but it is now free. A century ago, this was a copper mine, and while all that’s left is the crimson and yellow painted remnants of machinery, they are all a silent witness of the short-lived industrial activity some time ago.

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You can watch the gannets dive for fish and see icebergs, whales, and orcas passing by. You also cannot forget the most beautiful sunsets.

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The Twillingate Lighthouse, one of the most photographed landmarks on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, is located at Crow Head, Twillingate. More than 300 feet above sea level, this is a lookout point where thousands of visitors every year enjoy the panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean and is another place where you can see icebergs, whales, seals, and other sea birds.


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