Trail Length

6 miles / 9.7 kilometres

Route Type


Elevation Gain

1,744 feet / 531.6 metres

Estimated Time

2 hours

Description and Tips

This strenuous hike is well worth it for the views and sense of accomplishment. Smith Rock is an incredible geological wonder in Central Oregon. It is part of of volcanic cluster that spans 35 miles. While it looks like an iron-rich basalt rock, Smith Rock is actually tuff, which is volcanic ash that was compressed to rock. After thousands of years of erosion, what you see is a stunning array of reds, browns and yellows that attract hikers, rock climbers and visitors from all over the world. If you’re not up for Misery Ridge, there are many other less strenuous trails to take. Limited RV parking so arrive early. $5 state park fee for parking. Heavily trafficked – try to shoot for a weekday. A must see if you’re in Central Oregon.

Submitted By

Jodie B