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“The Archway is a very large museum up a long elevator, that is featured in the movie ‘About Schmitt’. It covers the history of travel in America, from the first concepts of America, right up to now, with the traffic going under it on the I-80. The overpass is built into the museum, and you wear a headset and go along at your own speed. You can go back to a previous room if you want to hear something again. I’ve always been interested in American history, and have visited many historical places in 48 states, including Hawaii. I never liked museums, but this was the very best ever! Camp at Kearney Pioneer Museum and Campground, another very interesting museum, containing a whole early American western town with real old buildings.”

Nearby Attractions

“Other museums are in the area, with sod-covered cabins and one containing a ’round house’ built into the side of a hill where the Native Americans spent their winters. I had just finished reading the bestseller ‘Sacakajwea’ before making that trip. Seeing many things from the book made it very exciting. Check out the lakes in the area.”

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Virginia Pierson

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Michael Sauers