This scenic drive begins in the famous ski town of Sun Valley. From here, go through Ketchum up Idaho 75 to Stanley, then follow the 75 until it meets up with US 93. Turn north and head on toward Hamilton, Montana, just a few hours up the open road. As the elevation climbs, the rare, sublime majesty of the Bitterroot Mountain peaks begin to come into view. The dramatic Salmon River, carrying white water rafters and kayakers, parallels the highway for several miles. Further along, Lake Como feels like a return to civilization with the beach and campground attracting tourists and campers on the weekends.

Scenic Drive Tips

Take a steep ride up the Roundhouse Express Gondola in Ketchum and watch the mountain bikers scale the mountain below. Also in Ketchum, tour the final home of Ernest Hemingway at the Ernest and Mary Hemingway House and Preserve. Stop for a really marvelous pastry dessert at the cowboy hotel in Stanley. Look for opportunities to hike on trails at Lake Como and up the ravines north and west of Hamilton.

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Pete Moberg, Laura Cornwell

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