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Fine Dining

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Description and Menu Favorites

“Fabulous, unique Southwestern food. Killer vegetable platter tamales filled with squash, corn, and chilies, wild mushroom roasted corn flan, etc.”

“The food is a good as any I have eaten… even in the $150/per venues. And the location in La Posada, a fabulous place to stay, makes it even better. Recommend the Caprese Salad and Triple Wild, a combination of game hen, boar, and elk, creating a wonderful range of palate sensations. The freshness is present and presentation is first-class.”

Nearby Attractions

“You can stand ‘on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, such a fine sight to see’!”

“La Posada is filled with art by Tina Mion, and railroad buffs will enjoy all the train stuff. About 90 trains daily pass by on the six or more tracks outside the hotel. Route 66 memorabilia/history is big in Winslow, along with the ‘Standing on the Corner’ which the Eagles sang about.”

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Marge Lind, Tommie Lauer

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Tommie Lauer