We arrived at The Poplars Motel & RV Park in Toad River, BC on June 9, for a two-night stay. This property was spacious with a green lush meadow and numerous hiking trails. The lucky ones to visit the office/home of this Park were greeted by Vicky & Dan Clements and the smell of home baked bread and wild orange, heavenly! Vicky made a rhubarb cake for all 43 of us one evening, which Dan hand-delivered. Dan also gave a wood mill demonstration. One evening we played ladder golf and the next day one of the gang found a soccer ball on the property and a memorable kickball game was played with lots of laughs and a friendly competitive spirit! The days are getting longer and we play, mingle and talk until around 11:00 pm. Blackout shades are now the rave! The snow-covered mountain backdrop here is inspiring!