Trail Length

20 miles

Trail Start and End Details

Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail starts just north of Baltimore and continues just over the border into Pennsylvania. The southernmost trailhead and parking area is located just off of York Road (State Route 45) in Cockeysville, Maryland. A larger and more popular parking lot is located just a half-mile farther north along Paper Mill Road. There are numerous other access points and parking areas along the entire route.

Description and Tips

This rails-to-trails route passes through the charming towns of Monkton, Parkton, Falls Overlook, and Bentley Springs, Maryland. Along the route you’ll find amenities like picnic tables and benches, drinking fountains, and restrooms. Just off the trail are a small art gallery, an antique shop, and several places to buy food and drinks. Learn more about the trail’s history at Monkton Station, which dates back to 1898 and is now used as a visitor center and museum. If you wish to go further, the trail continues past the Maryland/Pennsylvania border as Heritage Rail Trail County Park.

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