This creative solution uses a 1/8-inch fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) to create a large trash can that fits into the existing opening. “I cut the panel to height and length around the opening, plus 1 inch for overlap. I used a round bar, clamps, and a heat gun to heat the panel and bend each corner to 90 degrees. I cut the bottom to the same shape as the opening, used inside and outside trim that you can get for this product, and caulked everything together. I painted the outside to match the dark shelf color. After place the finished product from the underside, I put one screw into the plywood at the top and used pop rivets down the overlap. I put felt over the rivets so as not to puncture the trash bag when pulling it out. I cut the top off of the original trash can and use the top rim to hold the bag in place in the new trash can. The old trash can was 1.5 gallon; I now have a 3.75 gallon trash can (6” X 9” X 16”). I use an 8 gallon bag that fits well. We can go several days before it gets full and the lid helps control odor.”

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Greg Eiffert

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Unity Twin Bed

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Greg Eiffert