Trail Length

45 miles

Trail Start and End Details

The starting point for this ride is the KOA LazyDays RV Park in Tucson, Arizona. You could also start at the nearby Fry’s Food Stores, which has a huge parking lot that makes an excellent meetup point for group rides. The route is a loop, so the finish is the same point as the start.

Description and Tips

This awesome road ride rolls out right from the KOA, and loops through some of Saguaro National Park to the west. The park roads don’t have a shoulder, but there’s little vehicle traffic and lots of other bikes, with vehicles typically going very slow. There is one very steep climb on Gates Pass Road up to a lookout, but it’s short! You could ride this route in reverse for a more gradual climb. The return stretch is all on wonderful paved trails. The route was also planned so as to pass by multiple public restrooms, so you’ll have no problem refilling water bottles and making pit stops all along the way. There’s a great restaurant right in the KOA, so stick around post-ride and try their BBQ chicken!

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