Tulabi Falls has become one of our favourite campgrounds. Out in the wilderness of Nopiming Provincial Park and near the Manitoba/Ontario border, it is one of the lesser visited campgrounds. The sites are for the most part fairly separated and limited to 19 electrical sites and 16 non-electrical sites. There is no drinking water available at this campground, so ensure that your Leisure Travel Van has the drinking water holding tank full (as well as drinking water bottles). The remoteness of this campground is a wonderful experience, and although there is about 35 kms of gravel road, it is worth the trip.

Best sites or attractions here

Bay 2 has the electrical sites and, for some reason, at site 28 we had full LTE service for our cell phones. Cell phone service is difficult to attain in most other areas of the campground. There are two beaches to use, the closest being on Bird Lake and another on Tulabi Lake, which is just a little further to walk. The Tulabi Lake beach has nicer sand but does have a steeper drop-off when walking in. Tulabi Lake also has an area where swimmers will jump off the cliffs into the water (about 20 to 30 feet high). This is not a sanctioned or official sport so it must be done at the jumper’s own risk.  do not have any modern washrooms or showers.

Campground amenities

Beach, boat launch, dumping station, electric sites, hiking trails, wildlife viewing (no modern washrooms or showers)

Nearby Attractions

The campground does have a number of hiking areas that provide wonderful views of the region. There is also a series of waterfalls/rapids that flow from Tulabi Lake into Bird Lake. There are not conveniences nearby, so be sure to arrive fully stocked.