It simply does not get any better than this if you cherish a small, intimate, campground/camping environment on a gorgeous body of water that embodies everything one looks for in nature. Wildlife sightings, gorgeous sunsets over the lake, seemingly endless paddling and boating opportunities, and a fabulous camp staff.

Campground Tips

The sites right off the small beach area are fabulous for any size RV. The Unity can enjoy every RV site at this campground because of its very agreeable length. Remote camping is abundant all over the lake, and that is something we have enjoyed on our many trips to Umbagog Lake State Park. You launch from the campground, and you paddle (or get shuttled by a pontoon boat) to your chosen campsite. You can reserve one or more nights while leaving your RV at your designated site at the campground. It’s Magical!

Nearby Attractions

The entire area surrounding Umbagog Lake State Park is gorgeous. There are many beautiful day trips one can take for sightseeing, fly fishing, day hikes, rafting, and overnight hiking.

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Matt Brennan

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