Trail Length

52 miles

Trail Start and End Details

Virginia Capital Trail runs from Williamsburg, Virginia, to Richmond, Virginia. The eastern trailhead can be found across the street from the Jamestown Settlement, 2110 Jamestown Road in Williamsburg, and there is a large, free parking lot available. The trail’s western end is at Great Shiplock Park in Richmond, where congestion makes it somewhat less RV-friendly.

Description and Tips

52 miles of asphalt greenway through historic Virginia make for easy, scenic cycling. Chickahominy Riverfront Park, a wonderful, well-equipped RV park, is directly adjacent to the trail. From Chickahominy, you can either drive or pedal into colonial Williamsburg. Charles City Courthouse has two restaurants worth the visit: Culs Courthouse Grille and Indian Fields Tavern. If you make it all the way to Richmond, The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing offers fine dining directly overlooking the trail and the James River.

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Dave Connelly

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