Trail Length

26 kilometres (16 miles)

Trail Start and End Details

This trail runs from the south shore of beautiful Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park all the way through the main town site, past the public beach and the majestic Clear Lake golf course, and all the way around the north shore of the lake.

Description and Tips

Wasagaming Lakeshore Trail follows the shoreline of Clear Lake, which makes for many beautiful views. The town site has a number of shops and restaurants, a museum, and much more. From there, you ride past an old but beautiful 18 hole golf course overlooking the lake, and finally along the more quiet and serene north shore. The route is hard-packed trail in parts and paved in others, with only a few spots where elevation changes or a narrow section with tree roots provides a challenge; otherwise, it’s an easy, relaxing ride. Just be sure to plan to ride this trail between May and the end of September to ensure reasonable weather.

Submitted By

Jamie Thomas