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“This is a collection of 7 small aviation museums steeped in World War II aviation history: 1. Rattlesnake Bomber Base Museum. Located at Monahan, Texas, the Pyote Air Force Base was the largest US bomber training base. Free admission. 2. Midland Army Airfield Museum. Located in Midland, Texas, this museum houses a vast collection of MAAF artifacts. Free admission. 3. Hangar 25 Air Museum at retired Webb Air Force Base. Located in Big Spring, Texas, this museum pays tribute to those stationed at Big Spring Bombardier School. Free admission. 4. Silent Wings Museum, located in Lubbock, Texas. Experience World War II as told by the pilots of the U.S. Military glider program. 5. Texas Air Museum, located in Slaton, Texas, it is dedicated to promoting the sacrifices of those who fought to secure our freedom in the skies from WWII to present day. 6. National WASP WWII Museum. Located in Sweetwater, Texas, this museum preserves and perpetuates the story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots. 7. 12th Armored Division Museum. Located in Abilene, Texas, this museum has three floors to display the 12th Armored Division’s photographs, artifacts, and written first-hand accounts of history. Each museum has RV parks located nearby. Hanger 25 Air Museum is a registered Harvest Hosts site.”

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“This is a big road trip filled with West Texas attractions.”

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