Trail Length

8 miles / 12.9 kilometres

Route Type

Out and back

Elevation Gain

2,148 feet / 654.8 metres

Estimated Time

6 hours

Description and Tips

Observation Point in Zion National Park is the most amazing hike I have done. At 6,521 feet in elevation atop Mount Baldy, and jutting out into one of the widest sections of Zion Canyon (right around the Big Bend), Observation Point commands an encompassing view of nearly every major attraction in the canyon. The hike itself is very steep, with short sections of inviting, level strolls through beautiful Echo Canyon. There are many spots with exposure, and there are sections that could be dangerous from runoff or slippery if it rains near or nearby. Not a hike for anyone with any fear of heights.

Submitted By

Tim Cook