Icefields Parkway (Highway 93) is an epic scenic drive with never-ending spectacular views. Starting in Banff National Park, you’ll pass world-famous (and breathtakingly beautiful) Lake Louise and enjoy views of the Bow River and the mountains as you cross into Jasper National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Every time you think you have seen the most beautiful section of snow-capped mountains and sweeping valleys, you’ll round a corner to find another, even more majestic postcard vista. Read more about this drive here

Scenic Drive Tips

Explore a glacier at the Columbia Icefield. Keep an eye out for grizzlies at Lake Louise Campground! Try the drive from both directions – the mountains look completely different on the north-facing side, where there is more snow. Jasper National Park has beautiful campsites designed with natural landscaping between each spot for complete privacy. The town of Jasper has RV-sized parking spaces right on the main street. There are many hiking opportunities all along the way – this is a trip to be done slowly!

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Bill Semion, Len Krick, Annie Champagne, David Brand, Jon Greif

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Gludy, The Canadian Encyclopedia, GyPSy Guide

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