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Adventure is waiting, and the open road is calling. Get ready to experience a new level of luxury as we unveil the latest updates and new features to Leisure Travel Vans. Keep reading to find out what’s new for our 2024MY.

New Standard Features

Truma Aventa Eco Air Conditioner

Utilizing German engineering, the ultra-quiet Truma Aventa Eco Air Conditioner perfectly balances cooling and humidity while minimizing noise in a contemporary, energy-efficient, low-profile design. Automatic cooling, air circulation, dehumidification, and night mode are just some of the convenient features of this new premium air conditioner.

Lithium Batteries

Dual 12V 100 Amp Hour Lithium batteries, previously an optional feature, will now be standard across all Leisure Travel Van models beginning for our 2024MY.

By making lithium batteries a standard feature, now all Leisure Travel Van owners will experience the advantages, including a much higher rate of usable energy. LTV’s lithium batteries feature a built-in heating function, allowing them to be charged in colder weather. If the heating function is not desired (as it does draw some power), it can be easily turned off from a switch located above the entrance door.

All-New Pantry Rack System

The beloved pull-out pantry rack system in all Leisure Travel Vans will undergo a revision to feature a four-shelf, black Baldacci pantry rack. This brand-new aluminum system provides a more contemporary design, wider shelves, dividers, and a much more stable base. This update will not only continue to add to the plentiful storage already found in a Leisure Travel Van but will also provide increased room in the cabinet above the pantry in the Unity Corner Bed, Unity FX, and Unity Murphy Bed. Please note: Due to the large, built-in pantry, the Wonder Front Twin Bed does not feature the updated pantry system.

USB-A/USB-C Combo Outlets

Like many aspects of Leisure Travel Vans, it’s imperative to remain committed to providing our customers with the latest technology and advanced amenities. These USB-A/USB-C combo outlets provide a versatile charging option for electronic devices and are located in the bedroom and living areas of all 2024 LTVs.

Smart TVs

All TVs will now be switched over to Smart TVs. This means when traveling, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment options, including streaming services and internet browsing right from your TV. Offering Smart TVs as a standard feature across all product lines will undoubtedly add a new level of convenience and enjoyment to any road trip.

Updated Dinette Table

This updated dinette table will incorporate a swiveling Lagun leg to provide greater versatility within your coach. This update will allow owners to manipulate the table’s position in various directions. Additionally, the Unity Twin Bed will now include a rear table mount located beside the driver-side bed. Please note: This update applies to only the Unity Twin Bed, Unity Rear Lounge, Wonder Rear Lounge, and Wonder Rear Twin Bed.

Unity Updates

2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Updates

The Unity is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis, providing new levels of luxury, comfort, and safety. Adding to the already advanced safety features, the 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter now offers a digital rearview mirror–offering a sharp, high-resolution, and non-obstructed rear view. This mirror can be switched between conventional and digital displays.

Additional highlights include the new 2.0L Turbocharged I-4 Diesel Engine. This impressive piece of engineering delivers 208 horsepower and 332 feet•pound of torque. What’s more, is its low fuel consumption and an engine that is now up to 30 pounds lighter to allow for better handling and performance. Its quiet noise and vibration levels, paired with low engine speeds, also make for a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

Due to ongoing supply constraints, some Mercedes-Benz Sprinter features listed may not be available on all chassis.

Mercedes-Benz Removable Rubber Floor Mats

Your Unity’s interior will be kept clean with the Mercedes-Benz removable rubber floor mats. These mats are specifically designed for the Sprinter, are durable, and provide excellent protection. Made from heavy-duty rubber with a waffle design, great for capturing water and dirt, leaving the interior of your RV clean and tidy.

Wonder Updates

Water Filtration System

The addition of a water filtration system to all 2024 Wonder floorplans is a significant upgrade. Like any water filtration system, this will remove impurities, chemicals, and any other contaminants that can be harmful. Please note: This change will add an additional step to winterizing and de-winterizing all 2024 and beyond Wonder motorhomes.

Stay tuned to the Leisure Travel Vans website as we continue to add 2024 photos, videos, virtual tours, and more!

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